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What is Budo? - Martial Arts for Life - Beyond Martial Arts

Sensei Dombeck Karate Block

Budo is more than our name. It describes what we do.

Budo is a Asian/Japanese term composed of two characters, as defined at the top of the screen. The literal translation of the two characters is effectively "Martial Arts".

This term, in English, however, has lost most of the meaning of that the Asian term "Budo" contains, just like most martial arts or karate schools in America have lost most of the meaning and potential of practicing the art.

Martial Arts in America has devolved into a means of improving children or fighting more effectively. While these are both valid outcome of the study of Budo, they are but a small part of the potential.

This is why we say "Budo - Beyond Martial Arts" and "Budo - Martial Arts for Life". It will do want you think Martial Arts does to a higher level than you may think possible. But it also does so much more ... for anyone

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