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Prime Life Adults (Ages 30-60)

Adult Karate Ready

This is the prime of your life, and what our training at Budo is designed for. Our style is Okinawan in origin; Okinawan's are one of the longest living people groups in the world! To them, 30 to 60 year olds are still children. As a result of this mentality, training at Budo is designed for you to get the most out of this time of your life and the years to come.

Although training in the preliminaries of martial arts have positive effects for children, true martial arts training is not for kids! It's also not just about self-defense. Training in our art will improve you physically and mentally to deal with all of the challenges of life while simultaneously improving your self perception and awareness. It will also allow you to deal positively with other people and other aspects of your life. In addition to this, training at Budo gives you amazing physical skills if you should ever need to defend yourself.


Adult Karate Practice

Our art understands how the body (and mind) change in different phases of life. As an adult, your body and mind have great capability. Developing that capability now has tremendous positive effects on your life and spirit now, and more profoundly, your life in the future.

The physical training starts with individually paced lessons that focus on giving you the ability to control your body to a very high degree. This is a necessary pre-requisite to advanced martial arts, and it allows one's body to adapt to higher level training. This type of training takes you there regardless of your initial condition, body structure or abilities.

Adult Karate Community

Once you develop precision control your movements, your body and mind are ready to start our advanced martial arts training. This is challenging, but our initial training prepares you for it, and it's well worth the effort. Our style is extremely efficient, varied and for everyone. It incorporates both fast and powerful, and slow and controlled. It allows you confidence and full control over your body and the ability to use it in any situation. When you're ready, you can also augment it with one of the best traditional weapons programs in Minnesota.

Structured growth and learning are not just for kids. It's good for everyone to continue to learn, grow and improve. To Okinawans you are still a youth.
Improve yourself!  Master your life!


Come see what Budo is about, and why it's not your neighbor's martial arts school!


Adult Karate Character

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