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Is Budo for You ?

Budo People

The purpose of the arts taught at Budo is to improve the student's life ("do") and to reach the highest level of martial arts skill ("bu") that the student is capable of. For some students "bu" (martial arts skill) is the purpose and "do" is the means to achieve the highest level of proficiency. To others "do" (improving life) is the purpose and "bu" is the tool used to achieve this. Either type of student is welcome at our school.

Do you have what it takes to be a Budo student ?

The arts at Budo were developed over centuries to provide highly effective and efficient progress of all body types, ages and skill levels.

Body Types

Since the purpose of the training is to be the best martial artist the student can be, rather than the "best martial artist", students of all body types and physical conditions can do well. Further, the type of martial arts (Okinawan shorin-ryu karate-do and kobudo) taught at the school were specifically designed to work for all different body types. Perfect physical specimens, weaklings and heavier set individuals can all excel. Some techniques are more suited to one body type or another, but everyone can be highly effective.


Since Budo and the martial arts that we pursue (Okinawan shorin-ryu karate-do and kobudo) were designed to benefit people's lives and physical condition throughout life, from 4 to 90+, any age can join. Older individuals will get more out of it right away (in an absolute sense), since they have more life experience to draw from. Younger students will get more out of it right away (in a relative sense), because there are more lessons to be learned and they are generally more open to new ideas.

We do, however, have a hard limit at 3 years 11 months, before that children are not yet ready to begin to prepare them to study Budo.

Skill Levels

Since Budo is "Beyond Martial Arts", students of all levels, from rank beginner to skilled martial artist can benefit from training. Improvement in martial arts skills ("bu") and the life lessons ("do") go hand in hand. The high level of martial arts proficiency through studying our art can only be achieved as a package. Therefore martial arts students who are merely trying to "learn more technique" will usually not do well at our school.

Who is Budo not for ?

There are some students that do not do well at our school. These students should consider looking elsewhere (or in some cases should consider one of our Self-Defense Seminars or Workshops). These students are those who are primarily interested in competition, or those who are looking to mix and match techniques into their "own fighting style". The arts and system taught at Budo are a highly effective, but they work as a system developed over generations. Taking separate pieces out of it is like removing treasures from an archeological site. The pieces may be valuable treasures on their own, but they mean so much more to stduents who chose to understand the context in which the treasure belongs.

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