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  • Budo Martial Arts Sensei Dombeck Throw


    Budo is Martial Arts Training, but it is also much, much more ...
  • Budo Martial Arts Self-Defense


    Budo training is about life's challenges.

    Training in our art prepares one for these challenges.
  • Budo Martial Arts Karate-do


    Budo is about the challenges facing adults.
  • Budo Martial Arts Kids Karate-do


    And those facing kids.
  • Budo Martial Arts Sensei Dombeck Block


    Budo is about self-perfection and life balance.
  • Budo Martial Arts Culture


    And it is about exposure to culture.
  • Budo Martial Arts Self-Defense Seminar


    For regular people.
  • Budo Martial Arts Seminar


    Who want more from life.
  • Budo Martial Arts Karate Throw


    And, of course, it's effective Self-Defense.
  • Budo Martial Arts Kids Karate-do Class


    For everyone.
  • Budo Banquet Dinner


    But most of all, Budo is about having a longer, more fulfilling life.
  • Budo - Beyond Martial Arts


    What is

Welcome to Budo!
(formerly East-West Karate)

Renshi John Dombeck, PhD
Renshi Dombeck, PhD
Head Instructor

Save 15% on Karate

   Where Good Guys Finish First!   
Do You Have What It Takes?
To reach the Highest Level of Martial Arts the highest level of Character is required.
At Budo Dojo, we teach the highest level of Martial Arts, to those who are worthy.

·   Commitment   ·   Loyalty   ·   Respect   ·

· Understanding ·
· Health ·
· Self-Defense ·
· Discipline ·
· Longevity ·
· Fitness ·

and much, much More

For All Body Types
and Skill Levels !

(Video Demo)

Come see what we
mean when we say:
THE Classical Martial Arts
Training Center

Go Beyond Martial Arts -
Master Yourself
Master Your Life !

Start any time · NO CONTRACTS


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